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What should I know before cancelling my contract?

Before cancelling a communication service contract, always make sure you are properly informed about your rights and obligations. Only the operator that provides you with the service you want to cancel, and no other, will be able to give you correct information. 
When you inform the operator that you intend to cancel the contract, they are obliged to inform you about:
  • how far in advance you must make the cancellation request (advance notice period specified in the contract); 
  • the date on which the contract will actually be cancelled (and until which the service must be paid for); 
  • the information that must be included in the cancellation request (customer identification; customer/service number to be cancelled, etc.); 
  • the documents that you must attach to the application, if necessary;
  • whether, after cancellation, you need to return any equipment and the amount to be paid if you fail to do so, 
  • whether you are subject to a contractual binding period and how much you will have to pay if you cancel the contract early, while that binding period remains in force. 
Information on when the binding period ends and the penalty payable for early cancellation of the contract is also provided on the bills that the operator sends you.

What do I need to do to cancel a contract?

To cancel the contact, you must send a cancellation request to the operator, with the following information: 
  • your identification; 
  • express confirmation of your intention to cancel the contract; and 
  • indication of the service(s) you want to cancel. 
You can use the cancellation form which your operator must make available in stores and on its website. Don't forget to attach the documents required by the operator. 
The cancellation request can be submitted to the operator: 
  • in writing, using any of the contacts indicated in your contract, bills, or published by the operator on his website (address, fax, e-mail, etc.); 
  • in person, at any of the operator's stores; 
  • by phone, if the customer service line has a system able to confirm the customer's identity; 
  • through the customer area on the operator's website. 
The operator cannot ask for any documentation that it already has in its possession for the purpose of cancelling the contract. 
Attention: If you change Internet operator or request number portability, your new operator will carry out the switching process, following your express consent. You do not have to present a cancellation request to the operator you are leaving. 

What happens after making the cancellation request?

The operator is not legally obliged to provide you with proof of receipt when you submit a cancellation request (see question What do I need to do to cancel a contract?). If you want proof that you submitted the request, use a means of communication that allows a record to be kept, for example a registered letter or email. 

The operator has a deadline to confirm that it has received your cancellation request. This deadline is different depending on whether the cancellation request was correctly submitted.

If your cancellation request was correctly submitted, the operator must inform you, in writing and within a maximum period of 5 working days, that it has received the request. In this communication, the operator must indicate the date on which the contract will actually be cancelled and inform you of your rights and obligations following cancellation, including the obligation to pay any penalties, for example for failure to comply with any contractual binding period.

If your request was not correctly presented (for example, if you did not identify yourself correctly, did not properly identify the service you want to cancel or you did not attach the required documents), the operator must inform you, in writing and within 3 working days, specifying the missing items/information in your request and advising you that if you do not present these items within 30 working days, the cancellation request will expire and you will have to start the process again.

The cancellation request is considered correctly presented when you have provided the necessary information and documents. The service's deactivation period starts from that moment.

In summary:

Cancellation process

Is it normal to receive bills after cancelling a contract?

After requesting cancellation of the contract, you may still receive a bill corresponding to the period between your submission of the cancellation request and actual cancellation of the service.

You may also have to return some equipment to the operator (when you express your intention to cancel the contract, the operator must inform you whether you need to return any equipment, how to return it and the amount to be paid in case of non-return). If you fail to return the equipment, the operator may charge you under the terms set out in the contract.

Can I cancel a contract while still subject to a binding period?

You can. However, depending on the circumstances under which this cancellation occurs, you may incur a penalty charge.
If your contract stipulates a binding period and you decide to cancel before this period ends, you may have to pay a penalty amount. This amount must be specified in the contract and must be shown on your monthly bills.
If during the binding period, the operator breaches the terms of the contract, you can cancel without penalty. In this case, you may also be entitled to compensation, if this is provided for in the contract or if damages are proven as a result of the operator’s breach. When the customer has a bundle of services that includes at least one Internet access service or a telephone service, the right to cancel without penalty applies to the entire bundle.
You may also cancel the contract free of charge if certain conditions have been met and duly proven:
  • you have to change permanent residence for reasons of emigration; 
  • you become unemployed;
  • you become unfit to work;
  • you change address for any reason such as selling your house or termination of a rental contract.
In this case, present the operator with the request to cancel the contract, in writing (e.g. by email), at least 30 days in advance, providing proof of those conditions.