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Can I switch voice operator (fixed or mobile) and keep my number (portability)?

To keep your phone number when you change operator, you must ask the new operator for number portability. The portability request is free of charge.
Numbers that CAN be ported Numbers that CANNOT be ported
  • Fixed telephone numbers (starting with 2)
  • Mobile telephone numbers (starting with 91, 92, 93 and 96)
  • Nomadic VoIP  (starting with 30)
  • Numbers starting with 800, 808 and 707
  • Numbers that have been inactive for more than 3 months
  • Numbers relating to temporary access
NOTE: If you stopped using a number less than 3 months ago and want to recover it, you can still do so.
  • Change the main characteristics of the service, that is, you can’t change from a fixed telephone service to a mobile telephone service (or vice versa).
  • Switch from a nomadic VoIP to a fixed or mobile telephone service (or vice versa).
You should check with your current operator:
  • if you are subject to a contractual binding period (because you may have to pay a penalty if you cancel the service before that period ends);
  • if your mobile phone is locked to the operator’s network and how much you will have to pay to unlock it (so it can work with the new operator’s SIM card).

How can I request number portability?

To request portability of your telephone number (fixed or mobile) contact the operator you want to switch to (at his stores, by email or by post to the address provided by the operator for this purpose) and:
  • complete and submit the portability request form; 
  • complete the contract termination form and submit it to the operator you are leaving; 
  • indicate the Portability Validation Code (CVP) [see question What is a CVP?] of the number to be ported; 
  • present your identification document. 
The operator can only refuse a portability request if the CVP indicated does not correspond to that provided by the previous operator.
Attention: If you want to cancel all the services in a bundle, you must make an express request to your previous operator, because the new operator is only responsible for cancelling the service associated with the telephone number which is to be ported. 

What is a CVP?

The CVP is the portability validation code ("Código de Validação de Portabilidade").
It is a 12-digit code that identifies the subscriber and their number for portability purposes.
You can find the CVP for the number you want to port:
  • on your monthly bill (postpaid services) 
  • in an SMS received within 24 hours of activating a prepaid service; 
  • in the customer area on your previous operator's website; 
  • by asking the operator in a store or over the phone; 
Entering the correct CVP is essential to complete portability. 

How long does portability take?

As a rule, portability is completed within one working day (if you send the request to the new operator before 5pm). There may be exceptions, particularly in contracts concluded remotely (which can take up to 3 working days) or if the customer expressly agrees on a longer period with the operator.

The service may be interrupted for a maximum period of 3 hours and the new operator must inform you, at least 12 hours in advance, how long this interruption will last.

What are my rights if there are problems with the portability process?

In the event that:
  • portability is not completed within the time limit: the operator must pay you €2.50, per number and per full business day of delay; and
  • the service is made unavailable: the operator must pay you €20 per number and per day of interruption.
Compensation payments must be credited on the next bill or, if the contract has finished, by other means such as bank transfer, within a maximum period of 30 days after verification of the fact that gave rise to the compensation.
Attention: To be able to use the service after portability, make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked to allow access to the new operator's network and that you have inserted the new operator's SIM card. If you have a virtual SIM card, you may need to ask for a new one from the operator you switched to.

Is it normal to continue receiving bills after portability?

Portability is free, so you cannot be charged any amount, either by the operator you leave or by the operator you switch to.

After portability, only the new operator can bill for the service.

However, the previous operator may still issue a bill for amounts due in relation to services provided before portability occurred or for amounts due as a result of other contractual obligations, including any penalty due for early termination of the contract.

If you have a prepaid service, you can ask the previous operator to refund the remaining balance on the date of portability.